Family Safari Holidays

South Africa can offer you three prominent locations, spread over the map, for a malaria-free, child-friendly safari experience. These areas will provide you with a world-class safari, and many of the lodges on the reserves are child-friendly with comprehensive children programs.

Malaria-Free Safari Options

There are certain parts of South Africa are high-risk malaria zones, that much is true. Very few areas are high risk, and there are wonderful reserves where you can enjoy the peace of mind of a malaria-free safari. You will want to consider a malaria-free zone if you will be traveling with children. Most malaria-free game reserves are also very child-friendly.

Naboisho Camp Safari

Eastern Cape

The Eastern Cape was the host of the greatest wildlife areas in Africa before the arrival of the settlers. The entire area is now returning to its roots, recovering vast spaces of land and wildlife.

Scattered along the Garden Route is a series of game reserves that provide a malaria-free safari experience in one of the most naturally diverse areas in the country. A trip to the reserve is a holiday in itself. Big 5, attractive small towns, rich history, and friendly people will leave you wanting to come back for more. The entire region has a pleasantly mild climate – perfect for a holiday for the whole family.

Madikwe Game Reserve

Madikwe Game Reserve is a good choice for travelers coming through Johannesburg. The reserve is on the border of Botswana in the North West Province, located about 3.5 hours drive outside of Johannesburg and Pretoria. Covering 75 000 hectares, it is one of South Africa’s largest nature reserves, is home to 66 species of mammals and 300 birds species. The entire area is enclosed in a 150-kilometer perimeter fence, keeping the animals and large predators from running wild. Madikwe is bordered by the large, rugged oldest mountain range in the world, while the expanses of plains and open woodland stretch endlessly. The area is within the transition region between the Lowveld Bush and the Kalahari Thorn Fields, resulting both in a malaria-free trip, and a very diverse ecosystem.

Madikwe is one of the only reserves proclaimed on the grounds of being the most sustainable land. Reclaiming and maintaining the reserve is a joint venture between the state, local communities and the private sector.


Pilanesberg National Park js a family-friendly national park that is easy to access and convenient for a quick time away from the city. These are the lodges that we recommend in the region, and should you need help to make a choice for what suits your holiday, please contact us.

Waterberg Wilderness Nature Reserve

The Waterberg is South Africa’s best-kept secret. The mountain range is located in the Limpopo Province, further north towards Zimbabwe. However, with its multitudes of streams, waterfalls, and swamps, the reserve stretches well over 150 kilometers towards Potgietersrus in the East. This entire area is a malaria-free zone.

Due to the rugged nature of the terrain, a 4 x 4 vehicle is highly recommended getting there, necessitating terrain vehicle hire for travelers from abroad. In some areas, these vehicles are essential. The reserve itself offers breathtaking views over the rolling hills and valleys and the deep gorges, boasting natural streams and pools. Waterberg is a natural reserve, with the objective of conserving the species within. Two hundred fifty species of birds made this their home. Game viewing in large numbers is not uncommon, as the mountainous terrain offers an excellent vantage point.

The reserve is best suited for travelers wishing to self-plan their inventory and trip as they go along. Game drives are mostly done in your own 4 x 4 vehicles, even though guided walks and game drives can be arranged with prior notice. Accommodation is available in the wildlife reserve, but can only accommodate twelve guests at a time in safari tents. Supplies cannot be purchased on the reserve, and all the safari tents are self-catering, as well as solar powered. However, accommodation can be booked outside of the reserve as well as one of the many farms and B&B’s scattered along the route.

Mountain bike trails and beautiful walks will be right up your alley if you are active by nature. As a word of caution though, the area is also the habitat of a substantial number of reptiles, including the lethal Black Mamba, so tread carefully, and do not under any circumstances wander of the guided trails.