Tena Tena

Set in a secluded location, with simple and luxurious styled decor and facilities Tena Tena has only 5 rustic tents, to hosts 10 guests for a true safari experience. Tents are open-sided in the day, with their own private veranda, dressing room/open aired bathroom. This is truly one of the most romantic settings, ideal for a romantic honeymoon getaway, far from the madding tourist crowds.

Tena Tena is located near the Lunga lagoon, one the most important permanent water sources in South Luangwa. This means that game viewing from the camp itself is exceptional, especially during the dry winter months. Due to its close proximity to water sources, during nights animal sounds can be clearly heard from the Tena Tena camp, lending an incomparable quality to this special space.

From: $875 p. p. n. sharing